Alexander Koning (NL): “Afraid of looking like a fool”

Alexander Koning and Marceline 2018
Multitalent Alexander Koning remembers his first gig very well. In 2014 he told me about it. “The organizer had prepared a small practical joke.”

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Not only is Dutch Alexander Koning an excellent DJ, he’s also a talented producer and experienced event organizer. Besides this, he’s known for his amazing street-art and typical humor. Ergo: a multitalent. In 2014 he told me the story of his first gig. “The organizer had prepared a small practical joke.”

“My first time? Well, I was fifteen and as just as many others, it happened behind the bicycle shed at a school party. I was extremely nervous, and I think that a lot went wrong, because in the end she had all this white goo on her tiny glasses… Ow, that was a different first gig.” (laughs) “

alexander k2 - Alexander Koning (NL): "Afraid of looking like a fool”


This gig is about DJing. Already in the early nineties, I played at smaller parties. My first big event was one of the first that was held in the Graansilo. I still think that this is one of the best locations that Amsterdam ever knew.”

Looking like a fool

“When I said ‘yes’, I had no idea that the venue was enormous. Because of that, I wasn’t nervous at all for this gig. That changed when I entered the building: the Graansilo was packed. I hadn’t prepared a thing, so I was afraid that I would end up looking like a fool.” (laughs)

alexander k - Alexander Koning (NL): "Afraid of looking like a fool”

Red button

“But all went well. Although the organizer had prepared a small practical joke during the party: he had installed a red button somewhere in the venue. Nobody, including the DJs, knew what was going to happen when it was pushed.”

Scary as shit

“I played in the middle of the night. Everybody was getting quite vague. Then the red button was detected. What happened? When someone hit that button, for 10 seconds the power to the DJ booth and all lightning went out.” (laughs) “The first time it happened it was scary as shit!”

alexander wooferland 2019 - Alexander Koning (NL): "Afraid of looking like a fool”

Bag was a tiny girl

“Fortunately, after the third time, the organizer decided it was enough and disconnected the button. Overall, it was a weird night. It was extremely dark in the venue and the whole building was filled with smoke. This meant that you couldn’t see shit. Let me illustrate this. My younger brother wanted to sit down on a chair, but he thought there was bag on the seat. So, he tried to kick it off. The bag appeared to be a tiny girl. Oops.”

Yellow curb

“In the morning, when I got back at the car, the gate of the business parc was closed. We had to dig up a complete yellow curb to get out!”

“In the end, this first time was just like the one behind the bicycle shed at school. Both were quite an experience.” (laughs) What I learned from it, that you never leave your car at a business parc and always first look for the red button.” (laughs) “No really, what I’ve learned is that in the end everything will be fine. If not now, then next time.”

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