Alexander Koning (NL) – Mr. The Promised Land

Alexander Koning and Marceline

The first time I met producer and DJ Alexander Koning, was at the opening of Club Radion in Amsterdam, the club that was supposed to fill a void in the underground dance scene after the closing of Pand 14. During that first conversation the obvious question – ‘How do you know S?’ – referring to the owner of both clubs, never arose. Instead Alexander and I discussed totally different matters, e.g. his at that point recent confrontation with parenthood.

During the following years I was present at every outdoor and intimate classics festival this DJ/producer/event organizer realized and I’m impressed every time: The Promised Land, Summer of Love, Winter of Love – they all rock!

alexander koning and marceline june 15th 2015.jpg crop 300x225 - Alexander Koning (NL) - Mr. The Promised Land

The Promised Land

During our first meet & greet it soon became clear to me that Alexander was perfect for my segment My First Gig on The article was published in June 2014. You can also read the interview here. This picture below was taken on June 15 2015, at Alexander’s festival The Promised Land, while we were in the distinguished company of icons Ron Maney and Orlando Voorn. Want to know more about this festival? I wrote a blog about it for the website

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