Monde (NL): “Like a bat out of hell I picked a record”

Monde and Marceline The Promised Land 2017
In 2014 Monde told me about his first gig. “Neuv said: ‘I have to take care of something, fill in for me’. And he was gone.”

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Dutch DJ Monde a.k.a. André van der Monde and I met online in 2010 through a classic dance group on Facebook. In 2011 we met in person. Since then André had become a cherished friend and of course, by now I know that, together with DJ Neuv, he’s ‘Team Mayhem’. In 2014 he told me about his first gig. Monde considers his first real gig the one that coincides with the debut of Mayhem. “Neuv said: ‘I have to take care of something, fill in for me’. And he was gone.”

“I had been buying records for some years, because I thought the music at parties that I went to was awesome and if I could, I would have taken it home. My heart went out to energetic 12” tracks.”

Out of control

“Where that passion for music came from? Well, music has been my hobby since I was very young. When I was a little boy, I already had a small mixer. Connect cassette-recorders and it was mix and go! Not much later I bought some turntables because I really wanted to play all those records I had purchased. At small parties in my house, I was out of control.” (laughs)

andre toen - Monde (NL): “Like a bat out of hell I picked a record”

De Wielingen

“The first time I played at a bigger party was in 1991 in De Wielingen in Amsterdam. It was the second last party to be held there. As far I as I remember I didn’t make any huge mistakes.”

Big word

“You’re asking me whether I had a mentor or admired a specific person? No, none of the above. Mentor is such a big word. It implies that you learn something and that they help you to improve yourself. Someone who takes you under their wing. Admiration is another big word. Almost scary.”

andre nu - Monde (NL): “Like a bat out of hell I picked a record”

Every track was banging

“Coincidentally, I was present at DJ Neuv’s (Marcel Neuvel) first gig a church in Buikslotermeer in Amsterdam. That evening made an immense impression on me. Never ever had I heard these many crushers in one set! Almost every single single track was banging and I didn’t even know the half of them. Right there and then, Neuv became my favorite DJ. It’s not that I admired him, but I totally appreciated his choice of records. That evening I discovered that it’s possible to play ‘heavy & dark’ all night long.”

A whole lot of smoke

“A couple of months later, at a night filled with strobo’s and a lot, a whole lot of smoke, I ran into Neuv at the bar. We started talking and that’s how we really met. I was 24 at that point.”

andre van der monde 2017 credit Spencer Vos 1024x889 - Monde (NL): “Like a bat out of hell I picked a record”


“As a result, I started organizing parties with Neuv. We named them Mayhem. The night I had my proper first gig, I was actually present as organizer. Until the point when, in the middle of the night, Neuv said to me: ‘‘I have to take care of something, fill in for me’. And he was gone!”

Enormous drive

“Fortunately, I had placed a record-case in the booth with my own records. Like a bat out of hell I picked one. I know exactly which one it was: the B-side of Pleasure Game’s Le Dormeur, Across The Dark. It matched with the crowd, who where people that liked going to underground parties and loved the more heavy, harder style. Hard, without turning into hardcore, yet with an enormous drive. Maybe in those days we simply like that stuff more. Although I really think that it’s a matter of taste. Something appeals to you or not.”

andre toen met neuve - Monde (NL): “Like a bat out of hell I picked a record”


“I really can’t remember whether I was nervous or not. I had no time to think about it as I was put on the spot. I really thought I was coldblooded and in control, until I noticed my instable, trembling hand trying to get the needle on the vinyl. Who said anything about not being nervous?!” (laughs)

By feel

“Obviously I hadn’t prepared a set, since I had no idea that I was going to be playing. So, I started playing by feel, using the techniques I had self-taught myself. I believe it went well. I can’t remember any horrible mistakes of that night. I recall a few of other gigs that followed, but someone must have spiked my glass on those occasions.” (laughs)

“Did I learn something for the future from this gig? I’m sure of it, I just don’t remember what.” (laughs)

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