Mark Reeve: “One of the youngest DJs”

Mark Reeve at his first DJ gig
Mark Reeve was only 16 when he played his first gig. His parents officially had to give their permission.

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In 2017 British techno DJ/producer Mark Reeve shed some light on the start of his career and told Marceline about his first gig ever. "I had to have permission granted by my parents to even play there."


“I remember my first gig very well. It was in a night club in Bournemouth (UK). At the age of 16, I was one of the youngest DJs. I had to have permission granted by my parents to even play there.“

Nervous like mad

“At that time, I was playing old hits from all sorts of artists like Salt & Peppa and C&C Music Factory. I was nervous like mad but all went well. Consequently, they booked me once a month.”

HR3 Radio

“My move to Germany introduced me to techno and Sven Väth. His clubnights on Hr3 radio really helped me develop my sound. I then started doing my own parties. This way my profile started growing.”

Mark Reeve 2017 - Mark Reeve: "One of the youngest DJs"

Amazing time

“It was an amazing time with all sorts of great music from artists like Jeff Mills and Slam. I finally found my own sound, the one I was looking for, and started DJing at events in Mannheim, Frankfurt and Darmstadt.”


“I think DJing at an early age and with all the music going on at the time, helped me with my producing skills. Not much later, I was discovered by Sven Väth himself and my EPs were released on Cocoon.”

“It has been a magical ride so far and I am looking forward to the future!”  

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