MGW #9: 5 x Underworld

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MGW rood - MGW #9: 5 x UnderworldBelieve it or not, but on some points dance doesn’t differ that much from other musical genres. In general it starts with the basis of a quadruple time – whether we’re talking about jazz, blues, rock and yes, also house. Besides this, there are similarities in perception. 


The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and all their peers initially were dismissed as longhaired trash and their music was downgrated to horrible noise. By now it’s common knowledge that this name-calling appeared to be no obstacle for huge success. First vilified and finally applauded, until this very day. Does this ring a bell?


Eternal fame


Another similarity in between those genres of music which we consider traditional today but fifty years ago were looked upon as made by the devil , is the power with which some musicians reached the status of eternal fame with those epic compositions, that still are played on the radio on a daily basis of play a role in TV-shows. Think of All You Need Is Love by the Beatles. Or the still very topical Imagine by John Lennon.




House was and still is vilified by some as garbage. Unimaginative noise. By now though the broad genre has  on all levels succeeded to have a large and divers public commit to it. With simple Eurohouse and EDM for those who like snacks and techno for the true connoisseurs.


Underworld: World changing


In dance music you will als find compositions that will not be amiss in any set and invariably, for thirty years now, are received with open arms by the dancing public. Creations of which the founders undeniably have reached the status of imperishable heroes. Back in the day, two of those creators – Karl Hyde and Darren Emerson – formed the duo Underworld, that nowadays exists of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith. Pioneers whom are still alive and kicking and who – with the world changing tracks below – not only enormously contributed to the putting on the map of dance but also still are a huge source of inspiration for countless modern producers.


Underworld – Mmm Skyscraper I Love You – (Full Length)


Dark and Long (1994)

King of Snake (1999)

Born Slippy (1995)

Underworld – Cowgirls (1993)


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