Marcy Goes Wild # 8: 5 x Techhouse – Love the breaks!

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MGW rood - Marcy Goes Wild # 8: 5 x Techhouse - Love the breaks!Techhouse, that cheerful, uplifting and energetic descendant of the dance scene, stole my heart. A good techhouse track immediately draws me to the dance floor, almost calling me. Besides that, the lively rhythm and spicy breaks invite to look around you while your dancing, to smile at other dancers and people standing around and to stimulate others, from this positive radiance, to start moving as well. Enclosed a selection of five tracks that wake up spring in me!

 Lauhaus – Poision (2005)


Mark Broom – Meltin Pot (2009)



Marceline is an evolved house hippie of the nineties. She was drawn to the paths of electronic music by the exciting music of band like DAF, Front 242 and Sisterhood that set in the eighties already set the trend. As of course did Art of Noise, Depeche Mode, Freur and so many others. House is so much more than merely ‘boom-boom-boom’. Dance is a music genre. House is zoveel meer dan “boem-boem-boem”. Over a quarter of a century now, dance is a music branch that grows in its own direction. For you, each week Marceline selects the pearls.


Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind – Cooper (2010)


Alexiss & Maturana – Baboom (Original mix) Malatoid063 (2010)


 Florian Meindl – The Theorem (Mexico EDIT) – Sounds Of Earth (2007)




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