# 6: 5 x Laurent Garnier – one of the greatest dance-pioneers ever!

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MGW rood - # 6: 5 x Laurent Garnier – one of the greatest dance-pioneers ever!

Every style of music has its own heroes. Talking about punk the first who come to my mind are the Sex Pistols or the Dead Kennedy’s. In popmusic Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson share the same lonely height and if disco is mentioned immediately Kool & The Gang come to mind. None of them so-called one-hit-wonders, but hit factories that stand the test of times. One of the greatest dance-pioneers ever, who succeeded not only this but it still going strong, is the French DJ/producer Laurent Garnier.


Since the early nineties Laurent produces one amazing track after the other . Below you’ll find my personal Top 5 of this icon – in random order. The video with Gnanmankoudji is absolutely brilliant: how the French in a theatre remain seated until they get ‘permission’ to get up and dance their ass off!


Acid Eiffel (1993)


Crispy Bacon (1997)



The Man With The Red Face (2000)



Producers work their butts off. The result is that every single day thousands of new tracks are released! How to stand out from the crowd? What makes YOU so special? Along with that it becomes almost impossible for DJ’s to actually find those pearls in the endless stream of new releases?  To achieve that would be a fulltime day-job! Pretty overwhelming for any passionate music lover.  Marceline aims to create a path in the musical jungle of now and sometimes then. Every two weeks in random order five tracks will be put in the spotlight – in general dance related, but a rare trip down memory lance is very well possible. As is a wink to a piece of music history. 


Gnanmankoudji (2009)



Flashback (1997)





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