MGW #16: 5 x Ear Candy

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash
What is Ear Candy for you? This episode I selected some personal favorites that to me are Ear Candy.

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The majority of my friends is active in the dance scene one way or the other: business wise or private. Where one of them organizes hard dance events, the other one is a hero in establishing the best techno parties and some of them have been the creators of several outstanding intimate festivals. Wooferland and The Promised Land Open Air immediately come to mind, as well as the successful concept of Thuishaven, where every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening the beste line-ups are served.

Wooferland and The Promised Land Open Air for me offer the top of the bill of our national festival landscape. In between three- to eight-thousand visitors, both of the events in a sympathetic landscape with room to explore, chill and dance. Everything is available and possible. These are the summer crackers!


Thuishaven is a great location for the after party and low-key weekend destination for those who would like to enjoy being surrounded by sympathetic people and atmosphere at a surprising location. Neatly ending at 11 PM means that college, university nor work have to suffer the next day.

Ear Candy

Back to the beginning. With a select club of individuals my friends and I once started to spam each other online with tracks that all of us agree on are worthy of the title ‘Ear Candy’. Only towards each other we use this definition and only very few tracks succeed passing our common ballot – a requirement to be worthy of the title Ear Candy is that we all agree on the matter.

To be bombarded as Ear Candy by having us all agree, has nothing to do with genre. Techno shares the stage with house and feelgood. Yet, only if the three of us consent to the fact, it will make the list. Enclosed a selection.

I am an evolved house hippie of the nineties. I was drawn to the paths of electronic music by the exciting music of band like DAF, Front 242 and Sisterhood that set in the eighties already set the trend. As of course did Art of Noise, Depeche Mode, Freur and so many others. House is so much more than merely ‘boom-boom-boom’. Dance is a music genre. Over a quarter of a century now, dance is a music genre that grows in its own direction. For you, each edition I select some pearls.

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