Marcy Goes Wild # 13: 5 x Summer Vibes

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MGW rood - Marcy Goes Wild # 13: 5 x Summer Vibes

Some dance tracks immediately give a sense of sunshine. Sometimes by their title, often en mostly by their summer vibes. That moment, when you find yourself on a preferably not very touristic beach, leaning backwards in the lounge pillows of a beach club, sipping of a cocktail, and – depending on your geographic location – possibly sucking on a water-pipe or enjoying a joint. 

Agreeable beat

Either way, for a moment, a few minutes you experience that true vacation sensation. That feeling of ‘laissez-faire’ – the ultimate enjoying. When it comes to music, many associate this atmosphere and feeling with raggae – I get that. Once I felt the same and if Burning Spear will ever play in the Amsterdam area again, I will be there! Reggae is perfect for those who prefer a slow-witted agreeable beat.

Beach fantasy

For those of us, who just like me, get energized by a pleasant climate and have the opportunity to spend time with the ultimate company in a lovely, sunny biotope, I warmly advice the below suggestions that, as far as I’m concerned, are the perfect tunes for a sun-warmed feel-good beach fantasy. Even in your own garden or on your balcony. Enjoying is all in the mind.


Tomaz & Filterheadz – Sunshine (Original Mix) (2012)

Cover Ups Vol.1 – track 2 – Macusa (1994)

Danny Serrano & Hector Couto – Sweet Haney (Original Mix) [Suara]

Ramon & Theo – A Wet Summernight (1993)

Shaboom – Bessie (1997)


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