MGW #13: 5 x Summer Vibes

cocktails in de zomer

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Some dance tracks immediately give a sense of sunshine. Sometimes by their title, often en mostly by their summer vibes. That moment, when you find yourself on a preferably not very touristic beach, leaning backwards in the lounge pillows of a beach club, sipping a cocktail, and - depending on your geographic location - possibly sucking on a water-pipe or enjoying a joint.

Agreeable beat

Either way, for a moment, a few minutes you experience that true vacation sensation. That feeling of ‘laissez-faire’ – the ultimate enjoying. When it comes to music, many associate this atmosphere and feeling with reggae – I get that. Once I felt the same and if Burning Spear will ever play in the Amsterdam area again, I will be there! Reggae is perfect for those who prefer a slow-witted agreeable beat.

Beach fantasy

For those of us whom just like me, get energized by a pleasant climate and have the opportunity to spend time with the ultimate company in a lovely, sunny biotope, I warmly advice the below suggestions that, as far as I’m concerned, are the perfect tunes for a sun-warmed feel-good beach fantasy. Even in your own garden or on your balcony. Enjoying is all in the mind.

Tomaz & Filterheadz – Sunshine (Original Mix) (2012)​

Danny Serrano & Hector Couto – Sweet Haney (Original Mix) [Suara]​

Ramon & Theo – A Wet Summernight (1993)​

Shaboom – Bessie (1997)​

TC 1992 – Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix) [1992]

I am an evolved house hippie of the nineties. I was drawn to the paths of electronic music by the exciting music of band like DAF, Front 242 and Sisterhood that set in the eighties already set the trend. As of course did Art of Noise, Depeche Mode, Freur and so many others. House is so much more than merely ‘boom-boom-boom’. Dance is a music genre. Over a quarter of a century now, dance is a music genre that grows in its own direction. For you, each edition I select some pearls.

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