Marcy Goes Wild # 12: 5 x Deep, dark and obscure techno

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MGW rood - Marcy Goes Wild # 12: 5 x Deep, dark and obscure techno

Deep, dark and obscure. The opinions differ about what these terms technowise truly imply. Deep techno is something else than techno with depth, let’s get that straight. Deep techno or deep house for me is rather continuous ripling, lacking huge highs or breaks. In general not very interesting for me. Dark applies in my view to the tracks below; one might some even call obscure. Although others associate obscure with so-called bunker techno. To name another subgenre. 

And so it appears that labels – as often – are practical in general but not sufficient enough to also capture the details. Quite logic right? Since this applies to most cases.


We all use frameworks and labels to classify and understand the world or at least to try to get a grip on it. Yet, so many people, so many differences. In the long run no-one completely fits within a prior and per individual defined and demarcated framework. The same goes for music. Within the metal genre you can find speed metal,  death metal, trash metal and and so on. And even within those frameworks other niches exist.

Dark techno

In the dance scene it’s no different. Within techno one can detect many varieties. And where I call my techno selection of this edition dark and heavy, I wouldn’t want to be the one to feed everyone who think that my label is even too light-hearded and whom associate totally different music with it. I won’t get into that battle – all I can say is that this is my framework.

Jonas Kopp – In My Soul – Original Mix (2012)


Oblast – Mothership (2012)

Cari Lekebusch – Boiling the frog (2012)

Jerome Sydenham – Tonto (2009)

Mars Bill – Acid – Original Mix (2012)


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