Marcy Goes Wild # 10: Music is Life – and these 5 tracks prove it!

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MGW rood - Marcy Goes Wild # 10: Music is Life - and these 5 tracks prove it!This week, once more, I’m giving a shot to jump into the breach for dance music. Even more that that: this edition I devote to five tracks that in word, sound and vibe – so on all levels – illustrate that house bursts of musical passion! Top-shelf! 

Who listens well, detects in the first track a wink to the eighties Indeep sample ‘Last Night a DJ saved My Life’. They already knew: a good DJ can work miracles and ravish the crowd in packed clubs.

Positive lyrics

Track 4, by Angelo D’Onorio, has the exemplary title and lyrics:  ‘A different kind of music… Music that blows my mind!’ I agree. So, yes! In plenty cases house tracks contain words, usually very positive when it comes to the emotional dynamics – something to do with love, house, music, passion, respect, solidarity and many other beautiful terms.


Music matters! All music. No genre is worth more or better than the other. So even hint at that, to me smells like presumptuous behavior.


Above anything music is a matter of taste and therefore is experienced individueally – just like good food or a specific sexual preference. And really, just like almost everything. That I don’t like the Dire Straits or Radiohead, doesn’t mean that it’s not music. I acknowledge that both of these bands make music, yet I don’t consider it good music. This is a different approach than saying that the whole genre isn’t music – an unfunded judgement that all too often is applied to the dance genre. That’s a shame. I hope that the tracks below, that all have the word ‘music’ in the title, will get the musical recognition they deserve. Time will tell.

Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter – Muzik (Version 1) (2010)

Psycatron – She Is Music ft Blake Baxter (2010)

Marc DePulse ft Debbizo – I Am Music (2012)





DJ Pierre – Muzik Is Life (1993)

Angelo D’onorio – Different Kind Of Music (2009)​


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