Jaydee’s Universal Love: Techno at it’s best

jaydee universal love
Review of Robin 'Jaydee' Albers' track Universal Love

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Creating a worldwide huge dance classic in the nineties puts a massive burden on the artist’s shoulder. And it gets worse when this track has such a distinctive and unique sound that no record ever after will sound like it – well, then the pressure must be almost unbearable.

How to ever reach that magic moment again? To be chasing that dragon the rest of your life would be not only pretty sad, but foremost a waist of the talent that is screamingly obvious present. Object of my review is Jaydee’s (Robin Albers) newest techno track Universal Love – totally worth listening to, I already give you that. The legendary track mentioned before is of course Plastic Dreams.

You don’t

How to top a track like this? Simple answer: you don’t. You go on and work on new, exciting, different and unique tracks. In a world where every day thousands of new techno productions see the light, you need to stand out.

Universal Love

Universal Love certainly ticks off the boxes ‘different’ and ‘exciting’. ‘Unique’ as well, but with Plastic Dreams on your name, unless your name is Mozart, it’s virtually impossible to refind that incredible magic moment when you created it and just knew: this is epic.

Techno at it’s best

Having said that I want to stress that I love Jaydee’s newest track. It’s techno at it’s best with a hint to classics by the use of the vocal by Natural Born Grooves.

Intelligent music

One of my personal issues with a lot of techno these days is that it’s really pretty boring. It all sounds alike. Isn’t techno supposed to be layered and intelligent music? Well, if the bass constantly overrules vocals and melody lines, to me it feels cold. And if along with that there are virtually no breaks to build up some tension, my brain doesn’t get enough impulses and I get truly bored.

Great melody line

Universal Love for me ticks off all of these boxes: ‘interesting’, ‘great melody line’, ‘strong yet warm techno’, ‘positive vibe’, ‘good built-up’ – all of this keeping me intrigued and longing for what’s coming. An exciting story is being told! We already knew that Robin Albers a.k.a. Jaydee is an extremely talented composer, producer and DJ. Universal Love is another proof of his excellent competence!

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