HoT blog: Tracks stronger than trends


HoT blog tracks stronger than trends 300x173 - HoT blog: Tracks stronger than trendsA good (ghost) producer makes tracks that are stronger than trends


Breaking through as a bedroom producer is possible for every talented music composer, but the market is getting clogged. How can a truly talented producer stand out from the less talented ones? How to convince the rest of the world that your music is quality instead of crap? 


For starters you need to decide to be a producing icon. Believe it yourself; believe in the universe pushing you in the right direction. If you don’t believe it, no one will. Also you will have to figure out a catchy, original name that stands out. The name you decide to use for your productions can be your own, but sometimes a catchy and original name can be a good choice, a name that people remember easily. An odd spelling often is a good idea – think of KSHMR. Don’t forget to claim and secure your artist name on all social media and other digital channels.


Rise above the hype
Everybody knows the Wedding March and within the area of dance music classics by Jaydee (Plastic Dreams), Underworld (Dark and Long) and Laurent Garnier (The Man with the Red Face) in this day and age still rule. These tracks rose above the rest and made history. Your aim should be to create music that will stay with us forever and remind us for the rest of our days of that one festival or event – including all the memories of that day/night. Make tracks that are stronger than trends.


If you haven’t got a contemporary, cool logo, get one! A snappy logo and clever, recognizable color use in your artwork is the impression you leave on every (potential) fan.


No ghost producer got successful just because of their extraordinary talent and beautiful blue, green, grey or brown eyes. In the music business your need to be like a caterpillar: you need to be social and likeable, get along with everybody, always stay friendly and patient even while dealing with total nitwits. And don’t forget to be in time for meetings. Always!




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