MMM: DJ/producer Markus Schulz (USA)

Marceline en Markus Schulz

In 2014, when I was able to interview the American trance DJ/producer Markus Schulz, born in Germany, I definitely grabbed that chance. His name is high up there, with Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and Fedde Le Grand. Also he considers  Ferry Corsten a good friend. During one of their hangouts at some airport Ferry filmed Markus while […]

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: André van der Monde aka DJ Monde (The Netherlands)

DJ Monde and Marceline at Frisco Inn Amsterdam

André van der Monde aka DJ Monde was also a member of the Huppels-group on Facebook that I mentioned while telling the tale of DJ BeNRG on Marcy’s Wall of Talent. That means that we also met online in that virtual ‘cafe’ we called Huppels. In September 2011 we finally met in real life, on the […]

MMM: Ben Dijkstra aka DJ BeNRG (The Netherlands)

2016: DJ BeNRG and Marceline

In 2010 I was invited to the newborn Dutch Facebook group Huppels. I was the 28th member. Huppels was initiated by people who love classic dance music since the emerging of the genre in the early nineties. Utter dance music lovers with a great sense of humor. One of them was the Dutch DJ BeNRG, […]

MMM: Paulo Pereira aka DJ/producer A.Paul (Portugal)

A.Paul and Marceline

Who would have thought that in October 2016 I actually would visit and stay with DJ/producer A.Paul (Paulo Pereira) and his lovely wife Sandra aka the driving force behind Naked Lunch Records, in their house in Portugal? A house that officially belongs to, of all people, Cisco Ferreira aka DJ/producer The Advent. It’s a crazy world. […]

MWoT: DJ/Producer Nicole Moudaber (Libanon)

DJ/producer Nicole Moudaber and Marceline

In April 2014 the ‘queen of dark techno’, producer/DJ Nicole Moudaber, was playing at the event Compound in Zaandam (The Netherlands) Het event took place at the at that point rather new location  Taets. Before her performance I interviewed Nicole for almost two hours about her then being an incredibly fast rising star and about her life before […]

MWoT: Celeste Perez-Vivas aka DJ Celeste (NL)

DJ Celeste and Marceline

The Facebook-group Huppels aimed at dance/classic-loving people. From the start the group was almost addictive because of the huge recognition that the initial relatively small amount of members (I was #28 myself) felt. We were connected by passion for the same music, generation and lots of humor. DJ Celeste was also a ‘Huppel’-pioneer, which was one […]

MWoT: DJ/Producer Andrew Rayel (Moldavia)

interview met Andrew Rayel

October 2014 In October 2014 I interviewed the Moldavian Andrew Rayel. At the age of only 21 Rayel is called the ‘prince of trance’, following the footsteps of ‘king of trance’ Armin van Buuren, who’s also one of his mentors. The original interview was published on Also you can read a version here.       […]

MWoT: DJ/Producer Paul Oakenfold (GB)

Paul Oakenfold, Marceline Geelen, DJ Brent Spar

In August 2014 I had the opportunity to have a chat with dance pioneer DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold. The original interview (in Dutch) was published on I was bloody nervous for the interview since it was my first one with such a renowned artist. Luckily Paul loved to talk and put me at ease straight […]

My First Gig Jeane Isadou

malissa scherm marcelineke - My First Gig Jeane Isadou

My First Gig Malissa Willemsz aka Jeane Idadou 10 maart 2016 “Bij een vriend en mijn toekomstige leermeester Dima, zag ik voor het eerst iemand met vinyl draaien. Dima kon twee platen naadloos aan elkaar mixen en ik raakte daar enorm door gefascineerd. Ik wilde begrijpen hoe hij dat deed, maar ik bakte er niets van.” “Op […]

My First Gig: Dj Kicken

dj kicken djmag marcelineke - My First Gig: Dj Kicken

My First Gig: Dj Kicken (DJ donderdag, 3 maart 2016   My first gig van Henri Kicken aka Dj Kicken   “Mijn eerste echte optreden was in de zesde klas van mijn lagere school in Stein, Limburg. Dat was in de jaren tachtig van de vorige eeuw, ik was toen twaalf.”   “Met drie vrienden […]

My First Gig Axel Doorman

Kingsday 2016: Having a blast with mr Handsome aka DJ/producer Axel Doorman \0/

My First Gig dj/producer Axel Doorman Gepubliceerd op 25 februari 2016   My First Gig dj/producer Axel Doorman: “Mijn eerste plaatjes heb ik na het zoveelste bezoek aan ID&T meegekregen onder het motto: ‘Hier heb je platen, nu willen we je even niet meer zien’. ID&T was destijds in mijn dorp Wormerveer gevestigd.”   […]