My First Gig Audrey Clarke aka Lady Ace (NL)

Lady Ace during her DJ-debut

This time Marcy Goes Wild had a chat with the Dutch DJ/producer Lady Ace. “I was so nervous that, after I put on my first record, I hid behind the booth and counted till ten.”

My first gig Rob Hes (NL)

DJ Rob Hes playing at his debut

Marcy Goes Wild interviewed numerous DJ’s about their debut. This time she had a chat with the Dutch techno DJ/producer Rob Hes. “At this point I discovered the videotapes of parties like Thunderdome. By watching them I could hear, see and watch what the DJs did.” Rob Hes has to think hard about his first gig. […]

MMM: DJ/producer Markus Schulz (USA)

Marceline en Markus Schulz

In 2014, when I was able to interview the American trance DJ/producer Markus Schulz, born in Germany, I definitely grabbed that chance. His name is high up there, with Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and Fedde Le Grand. Also he considers  Ferry Corsten a good friend. During one of their hangouts at some airport Ferry filmed Markus while […]

Marcy’s Wall of Talent: André van der Monde aka DJ Monde (The Netherlands)

DJ Monde and Marceline at Frisco Inn Amsterdam

André van der Monde aka DJ Monde was also a member of the Huppels-group on Facebook that I mentioned while telling the tale of DJ BeNRG on Marcy’s Wall of Talent. That means that we also met online in that virtual ‘cafe’ we called Huppels. In September 2011 we finally met in real life, on the […]