Marcy Goes Wild # 17: 5 x Euphoria – tracks for a perfect summer day

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Dutch translation below Bliss. Euphoria. Almost feeling in love. Some tracks touch those sentiments for yours truly. This week no long story, just listening to these five pearls that perfectly fit a summer day. Enjoy! Two – To The Moon (original mix) Medway – Resurrection E.P. (1998) Petter – Modern Eternity (2004) Transformer 2 – […]

Marcy Goes Wild #15: 5 x Piano house

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Originally published on, July 8th 2017Dutch translation below Criticasters of electronic music like to fall back on the argument that dance music should not be considered ‘real’ music, because of the lack of physical instruments. Aside from the matter that plenty of dance producers love to collaborate with podium artists – think: Laurent Garnier, […]

Marcy Goes Wild # 14: 5 x Vocals that feel like summer

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Dutch translation below Imagine yourself in a beach club with a cocktail in your hand and wonderful, accessible, laughing and aimable people around you, whole you’re leaning back in the lounge pillows of your comfortable sofa. Women vocals caress your ears. This is life at it’s best! Tracks that feel like summer Because it’s almost summer, […]

The Promised Land Open Air: ouderwets gezellig ‘t’house komen

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Oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op, op 3 juni 2015 Wie in de wirwar van zomerfestivals die zich veelal richten op mainstream 538-house, op zoek is naar een gezellig en intiem pareltje, kan er komende twee maanden zelfs twee in de agenda noteren. Op 29 augustus natuurlijk house classics festival Wooferland, en volgende week bijt The Promised […]

Ghost producing: beter goed verkocht dan slecht verzonnen

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Oorspronkelijke publicatie op, 3 juni 2015 Ghost producing een vies woord? Het is zo oud als de weg naar Rome, alleen heette het daar nog ghost writing: teksten voor keizers die niet zo welbespraakt waren, werden geschreven door ingehuurde professionals. Obama schijnt een uitzondering onder zijn presidentiele voorgangers te zijn omdat hij de meeste […]

Marcy approves: Mister Böhre is allowed to stay

2015: Review Marcelineke about Boudewijn Böhre aka DJ Ken Böhre

Published originally in Dutch in May 2015 (text below English version)   The first time I met Boudewijn Böhre aka DJ Ken Böhre, I was immediately charmed by his disarming look and great enthusiasm. In preparation for the first edition of the dance  classics festival The Promised Land, June last year, Boudewijn functioned as the […]

Marcy Goes Wild # 13: 5 x Summer Vibes

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Some dance tracks immediately give a sense of sunshine. Sometimes by their title, often en mostly by their summer vibes. That moment, when you find yourself on a preferably not very touristic beach, leaning backwards in the lounge pillows of a beach club, sipping of a cocktail, and – depending on your geographic location – […]

Marcy Goes Wild # 12: 5 x Deep, dark and obscure techno

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Deep, dark and obscure. The opinions differ about what these terms technowise truly imply. Deep techno is something else than techno with depth, let’s get that straight. Deep techno or deep house for me is rather continuous ripling, lacking huge highs or breaks. In general not very interesting for me. Dark applies in my view to […]

Marcy Goes Wild #11: 5 x Club Classics – And then there was light…

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Every development and evolution has a beginning and a sequel. Often the start is a reaction to social matters. The dark eighties, overshadowed by economic dark perspectives, were revived by the much more hopeful nineties, an era in which the trees seemed to grow to the sky. ‘Seemed’ indeed. Because by now we’ve learned the […]

Marcy Goes Wild # 10: Music is Life – and these 5 tracks prove it!

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This week, once more, I’m giving a shot to jump into the breach for dance music. Even more that that: this edition I devote to five tracks that in word, sound and vibe – so on all levels – illustrate that house bursts of musical passion! Top-shelf!  Who listens well, detects in the first track […]

Marcy Goes Wild #9: 5 x Underworld

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Believe it or not, but on some points dance doesn’t differ that much from other musical genres. In general it starts with the basis of a quadruple time – whether we’re talking about jazz, blues, rock and yes, also house. Besides this, there are similarities in perception.    The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and all […]