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Blog House of Tracks Deadmau5 marcelineke 300x169 - Deadmau5 disses ghost producingBeing the world’s # 1 ghost producing platform, House of Tracks, obviously promotes ghost producing. Yet, still plenty of articles about ghost producing have a negative tone of voice. And now DJ/producer Deadmau5 adds fuel to this fire by dissing not only Justin Bieber but also Skrillex and Diplo. The feud that developed is not a pretty sight.


Deadmau5’ irritation stems first and foremost from the fact that Justin Bieber talks about his last record in terms of it ‘being MY album’. “No, it’s not YOUR fucking album”, Deadmau5 reacts in an interview. “It’s god knows whose album, but it’s not YOURS”, he fulminates frustrated. And, later on: “The fact that you’re paying for it, doesn’t make it yours.”


I hate that
During the same interview Deadmau5 verbally destroys producers Skrillex and Diplo, who worked with Bieber on the album. “I hate that he (Skrillex, red.) allowed himself to be a goddamned tool! (…) What, they don’t pay you enough yet?”


Read and weep
Watching Deadmau5 blood pressure rising during his ‘tale of personal horror’, we, at House of Tracks, looked at each other and were actually pretty amused. Has Deadmau5 been sleeping the past few years? Seems like it. Okay Deadmau5: especially for you we’ll explain it once more. Read, weep and hopefully make more nuanced remarks in the future about the subject of ghost producing.


Big names
For starters: a music producer/composer doesn’t have to be a artist by definition. There are many producers, in fact, who don’t have any desire to get on a stage in front of a crowd, but who love to create tracks and want nothing more than make a living out of it. Why is there a different standard for Bieber? Many big names in the music industry use ghost producers. Why is this a problem? Does it interfere with the quality of the music? The shows rock, the artists score; what is the problem? Why not let everybody do what he or she’s best at?


Also, we are pleased with Justin Bieber’s honest words – we are pleased that he’s open about the fact that he hasn’t made (all of) his own music. Finally a world-renowned artist is honest about using ghost productions! That’s exactly what we promote. In Bieber’s case everybody who’s involved in the process of developing a new track gets the credit he or she deserves.


We really don’t grasp the logic in Deadmau5’ reaction. Is a song less beautiful when the performing artist does not compose it? In Deadmau5’ view the answer to this is obviously ‘yes’. Good for him. He maybe should realize though, that not everybody is a talented producer and DJ all in one. We can’t all be Deadmau5…



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