When Marcy Met

Never a dull moment in the dance industry! Being a journalist, one gets to chat with many incredibly different personalities whom all share the same passion: electronic dance music in all its shapes, forms and sounds.

Exactly how it was once meant to be.

Read about strange, impressive, intimidating, happy, interesting, connecting, making-crazy-sounds-together and many more unique encounters with the world’s most fabulous dance DJs and producers. When Marcy Met…

MMM: Paula Cazenave (Spain) – Small posture, great personality!

Paula Cazenave and Marcelineke

Marcy’s Wall of Talent:Paula Cazenave –Small posture, great personality! ADE 2016: Although we were at the same event during ADE 2015 and I even wrote a small article on Facebook about her back then, we had never met: miss Paula Cazenave and myself. Yes, this talented DJ/producer named Paula Cazenave was performing at an […]

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MMM: Paulo Pereira aka DJ/producer A.Paul (Portugal)

A.Paul and Marceline

Who would have thought that in October 2016 I actually would visit and stay with DJ/producer A.Paul (Paulo Pereira) and his lovely wife Sandra aka the driving force behind Naked Lunch Records, in their house in Portugal? A house that officially belongs to, of all people, Cisco Ferreira aka DJ/producer The […]

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MWoT: Michel van Boekel aka DJ Michel Becks (The Netherlands)

Michel Becks and Marceline

Before I met him in real life, ‘DJ Michel Becks’ was a name that I’d heard many times – Michel’s reputation preceded him. Totally justified his sets got masses of credits and in my perspective the man had reached an intimidating successful status.  Imagine my surprise when, in the winter of 2013, […]

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