Blog House of Tracks: The Emergence


Blog House of Tracks: The Emergence

house of tracks the emergence blog marcelineke 300x156 - Blog House of Tracks: The EmergenceIn merely two years Onnik Tavitian succeeded to lift House of Tracks from zero to be the #1 world’s ghost producing platform. A perfect effort that forces respect! How did the idea of a ghost producing platform emerge? Onnik tells the story of House of Tracks.

For over eight years Onnik had been producing tracks at home, tracks that he never used and that where just gathering dust on his computer’s hard drive. Meanwhile he tried to make a living as DJ Onnik and later as DJ Billy Mason, and played at festivals as Dance Valley, Lief! and 18 HRS. All was fine until the crisis hit the fan. Being a husband and a father of two with a mortgage, Onnik decided it was time to find new ways to make money and provide for his family.


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